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4/30/2017 5 Easy Ways to Attract more Followers on Instagram

By: Dawn Ngo

In this day and time, social media presence is everything. Having a strong social media following can open doors that have been closed shut before, bring new opportunities your way and propel your career. Top social media 'stars' are known to build million dollar net worths simply by posting content on the gram, and influencers like Kylie Jenner make a minimum of $200,000 for a single sponsored post. Two Range Rovers in exchange for an Instagram post? Girl, sign me up. 

Becoming insta-famous isn't exactly an easy task, but it's not impossible either. I was able to attract the attention of 42,700 people through my Instagram photos and while I know it's not millions, I'd like to think I know what I'm talking about. After all, I have your attention and you're on my blog now aren't you?

People are attracted to things that look nice, whether they admit it or not. No one will want to scroll through ugly pictures all day, which is why photographers, models, and bloggers have such large followings. The quality of your images is very important - a grainy image captured in low light on snapchat that you planned on sending to your mom isn't going to do as well as a photo taken from a DSLR, which is why you should keep those to yourself and post the ones you would want Leonardo DiCaprio to see if he was stalking you. Also, no one wants to see a picture of your Starbucks drink unless theres also a designer bag in the photo (but even then, no one cares about your Unicorn Frap - believe me). Instead, show us the most interesting thing you did last week, even if you have to fake it; we'll keep your secret. Also, please put a nice filter on it and for the love of God do not use the 'Nashville' filter on Instagram.

Since we're already on the topic of filters, it really does help to use the same filter - or similar looking filters - on all of your photos. Using one or two similar filters on all of your photos will tie your entire feed together and make everything match and correspond, even if one photo is of the beach and the other one is of your finger. It's like the common denominator (I think... I'm not good at math which is why I'm lecturing you about Instagram filters instead).

This next part isn't necessarily crucial, but it does help to have your 'thing'. Whether it's traveling, fashion, food, makeup, dogs, unicycles or pictures of your grandma falling asleep at family dinners. Most successful Instagram pages belong to people who share photos under a similar interest - unless you're someone like BeyoncĂ© and the similar interest is your life. But I'm going to go off on a limb and assume that you're not BeyoncĂ©, in which case it would definitely help to have a consistent theme on your profile. 

 Don't ask me why this works and why it's a thing. I don't know. It just is, and clearly, it works.

This one is kind of a no-brainer, since the only reason why you're posting is for your followers and potential future followers to see. Reply to your comments (or at least like them! Don't be rude, they follow you for a reason), check out your followers' profiles, and respond to the feedback that you get. 

Courtney Dasher, aka @tunameltsmyheart is the owner of an adorable chiweenie dog named Tuna who has the love of 850,000 people on Instagram. I'm not telling you to send a fruit arrangement to every person who likes your picture, but it's important to acknowledge your audience in some way.  “I’m intentional about responding [to commenters], even though I’m not able to respond to everybody,” Dasher said. “I want them to know that I appreciate them.”

Okay, I know this sounds a little weird and potentially unsafe but hear me out on this one. Obviously, don't tag your location if you post a photo at your house. Nobu Malibu, on the other hand, is a fine place to tag your location. Here's why; when you have a location tag on a photo, your followers can click on the tag if they're intrigued and that will take them to the location page, which looks like this.

This page shows the mapped location, 9 (recent) posts with the most likes acquired within a certain period of time with that tag, along with all of the most recent, unfiltered posts from that tag. Are you following me? Say if I happen to be on the Nobu Malibu location tag page because I plan on going there tomorrow, and I see a photo of a hot topless guy with washboard abs who just happens to be you... I mean I'm probably going to follow you. And now you have one new follower! Every situation probably won't be exactly like the one I just painted for you, but you get my point: only post a photo intended to appeal to the opposite sex if you're comfortable with it.

My other point is even if you don't get a thousand likes on your photos, tagging your location increases your exposure and chances of being discovered by others.

I'm sincerely not trying to be offensive here, but I personally place a high value on honesty which is why I'm saying now that if your photos are boring, you will not build a large following. Point blank. People want to be entertained, intrigued, and stimulated! ...(Mentally)! Even if you don't live an exciting life, make it seem exciting enough for strangers to actually care about what you do next week - enough to maybe even click the follow button. 

Honestly though, I really do believe that this is the selling point here, from my experience. When I went to Coachella two weeks ago, I gained 700 followers in 3 days. Why? Normal people don't really go to Coachella, and music festivals are interesting! I hope my new followers were only mildly disappointed when they realized that I'm not always as interesting as when I'm at a music festival in the middle of no where. Regardless, I'm sure in the moment they all thought I was a cool L.A. girl who lives a wild life and not some girl sitting in her apartment writing a blog post about gaining followers on Instagram. But hey, even if they do unfollow me I can just text them telling them to re-follow me... Wait, sorry I think that one only works with my mom.

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