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10/29/2015 Haze

Coat from RW&CO, Top from Saul, Jeans from DSTLD, Shoes from Sante, Rings from QueenHearts

I've been wanting a camel coat for the longest time so I was ecstatic when I found this gorgeous one from RW&CO. It's so warm, so it's perfect for winters in Canada and the length is a nice change from my Canada Goose bomber, which is quite short. Hopefully this camel coat will be the first of many in my collection. Winter sucks but being able to wear gorgeous coats like this makes it a bit more endurable, of course sans the four inch heels in snow.

So sorry I've been on such a hiatus, I've been drowning in school work and to quote the Starks, Winter is coming. Which means the weather will be shit and I will be unable to get nice, quality photos for my blog. This will be my last winter though, in 10 months I'll be moving to LA and I can return to my regular blogging schedule!