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7/17/2015 Lust for Lashes Eyelash Extension Experience | UPDATED

I have always wanted long eyelashes, and just my luck - I'm asian so I was basically born with no eyelashes. I worst thing ever is when you look at your white friends eyelashes and realize that their bottom ones are longer than your top ones... yeah. So you could imagine how appealing eyelash extensions sounds to me. I've always wanted to get them, but I guess I was always too scared to try them out because of the horror stories I've read online of women whose eyelashes have fallen out, or who have had horrible allergic reactions to the glue, and the list goes on. But this Monday, I went to Lust for Lashes in downtown Toronto to get eyelash extensions for the first time ever and it's been 4 days, and I'm still completely in love with them. Click read more for the full story, review + photos!


When I first went in, Michelle (owner) had me sit down and she took a couple of photos of my before eyes and asked me what I wanted for my eyelashes. I honestly had no idea what I wanted because this was my first time so she explained to me that if I wanted more volume, my lash line would look fuller but my eyelashes would look shorter. If I wanted length, they would be longer but my lash line wouldn't be as full, but she recommended length because you would be able to see the tips of the eyelashes and it would open my eyes up, so I listened to her and went for length.

I laid down on the bed thing (it wasn't actually a bed, I just don't know what it's called. Spa chair? I have no idea) and she put gel pads under my eyes and started working on my eyelashes. I got very sleepy since I wasn't allowed to open my eyes so I'm pretty sure at one point I dozed off for a second but woke up again when she told me she was going to start on my second eye. It wasn't uncomfortable or anything, she was very gentle and I just felt her hands graze over my forehead while she placed the eyelashes. It took her about 25 minutes to finish one eye which I thought was incredible, since she literally had to place a fake eyelash on each on my individual adult eyelashes, but then again I'm asian and have none to start off with so... whatever. I was still impressed. Here's what they looked like at that point (sorry for the disgustingly up close photos)

They were so beautiful, I wanted to cry (not actually because I would have fucked up my eyelashes within the first 5 minutes of having them). I laid back down and she started working on my other eye and it was the same thing. Eyes closed, and it took around 25 minutes. Here's what the full set looks like (Sorry again).

I am in love. They look so real, I've gotten so many compliments on them. I have to be really careful with them because I'm terrified they're going to prematurely fall off. I brushed them every day with the mascara wand she gave me, I am extra careful not to get them wet when I wash my face, I (try very hard) not to sleep on my face and I am super careful in the shower. It's been four days and so far two eyelashes have fallen out, but one was my fault because I accidentally poked my eyes with my finger (oops). 

I don't have to wear mascara anymore and it's honestly the best thing ever, I can get away with leaving my house without makeup on and I won't look like I'm sick or like a boy, thank god. I'm honestly addicted, and after this experience I don't want to go anywhere else to get my eyelashes done. I'm definitely going to be coming back to get refills because I'm obsessed. I'll post updates as weeks go by to let you know how they've fallen out!


It's been two weeks since I've gotten my eyelashes and to my surprise, most of my eyelashes are still here! They aren't as full as they used to be when I first got them but I'm been super careful, trying my hardest to get them wet as little as possible and just taking good care of them. Here's what they look like! I'm still getting a bunch of compliments. Sorry again for the disgustingly close up photos and the weird ass lazy eye that I can not explain and have no excuse for.

Thanks for reading xo.

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