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8/22/2014 Angel

Nothing feels better than going to a beautiful beach that takes your breath away - especially when you're in a cute white bikini.

Wearing: Guria Beachwear bikini

Today I went to the most stunning location ever to shoot in my bikinis. It was a little cove located on the mountain pass in Phu Yen. The cove is called Bay Tien I believe, which translates to Angel Bay (hence the blog title) or something like that, I'm not very good at Vietnamese. We had to park our car on the road, walk down a very steep path and climb down a bunch of rocks (thought I was going to die) but it was worth it! The beach was absolutely breathtaking - I've never seen anything like it. I'll be posting photos of the cove in various different blog posts. I know you can't see much of it in this post but come back later when there are more posts and I promise you'll see the beauty of it! 

Going to this beach reminded me of how much I love the ocean (even though I can't swim and am terrified of drowning). I definitely want to do this more often - travel to places with gorgeous beaches. Or just travel in general, but going somewhere beachy would be a huge plus!

The swimsuit I'm wearing in these photos was sent to me by the lovely ladies at Guria Beachwear. It came all the way from brazil! I love how the clean white colour looks amazing with the beach scene. But then again, white looks good anywhere!



  1. Very beautiful. I remember you from middle school and I'd like to say you've matured into a fine and beautiful woman. Very nice.

  2. the place looks great! And your bikini really really cute! Like it!