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7/25/2014 White Label

I'm so stoked to be a part of the launch of the White Label by The Dark Horse Jewellery! 

The photos above, as stated previously, are the photos taken for the White Label ear cuff collection by The Dark Horse. I was lucky enough to collaborate with TDH in this project and I've been excited for weeks! The photos turned out amazing and I couldn't wait to share them all with you. I'm in love with every single one of these photos, and it's all thanks to the amazing Kevin Li. I loved shooting with him, he's a genius with such a great eye. If you haven't already checked out his work, you definitely should! 

First outfit: Urbanique dress || Second outfit: Forever 21 top, Bella Luxx skirt || Third outfit: Spotted Moth bralette, H&M dress

Photographer: Kevin Li


  1. This ear cuff is amazing! looks so cool!


  2. Love your style so much!! You have an amazing blog girl!

    BTW I've chosen you for a Liebster Award - see my post here! http://thestyleworthwhile.com/liebster-award/

    xo Jacquelyn

  3. I love your style and that ear piece is FAB! xo