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6/18/2014 Triangl Bikini

Hey everyone! So the lovely ladies at Triangl Bikini contacted me and offered to send me a Triangl Bikini so of course, I said yes! I've wanted one ever since I first heard about the brand last summer, and now I finally have one! I've been asked by a lot of my followers to do a review about the sizing and such so here it is! (Scroll to bottom of the photos)

If you haven't heard of Triangl before, you probably live under a rock (no offence). There has been so much hype about the brand for a while now and I'm so amazed at how successful they've gotten in just two years! I've been seeing them everywhere lately and seeing them so much just made me want one even more! They're a Hong Kong based company that's run by Australians, so that's why the website and such is Australian but the bikinis are shipped from Hong Kong. 

When choosing my bikini, I was so torn between the New York Noir, Coco Moonbeans and the Indiana Ice. In the end, of course, I chose Indiana Ice which is the Chloe bikini style in white! It's so simple and minimalistic, just the way I like it. I told them that was the one I wanted on Tuesday, the bikini was then dispatched on Friday and arrived on Monday. I was shocked (in a very good way) at how fast their shipping is, considering the fact that it came all the way from Hong Kong! Regardless, I was super thrilled to get my Triangl! 

The bikini arrived in a large bag and inside was the neoprene biniki bag. Inside that, there were the bikini top and bottom, all laid out flat. It also came with two pieces of paper, one thanking you for shopping with Triangl and another with care details for your bikini. The bikinis are made out of Neoprene which is a material that is used to create wetsuits. It doesn't have a lot of stretch, but is very durable. However, it creases very easily which I think is the only downside to Triangl bikinis. If you want to iron the creases out, you have to turn the bikini inside out, place a towel over it and iron the bikini on a low setting. But it's absolutely worth the extra care you take! The bikini itself is amazing, strong and the quality is fantastic.

I got the bikini is a size XS and the tops fit me perfectly (I'm a 32B), but the bottoms are a bit tight. I mean my ass isn't on Kim Kardashian's level, but it isn't flat either. It's not to the point where it digs into my ass and creates a w thing from the side if you know what I mean, but to be honest it's getting there. I'm not sure if it stretches when it gets wet though. Hopefully it will and then it will fit me perfectly. If you're a big booty bitch, I suggest sizing up for the bottoms but if not (i.e. you have a normal butt or a petite one) then just get your regular size. They have a sizing page on their website that addresses this and you can also use their live chat service to get help! If you think this will help you, here are my measurements: 

Height: 165 cm / 5'5
Waist: 61 cm / 24'
Hip: 90 cm / 35'
Chest: 79 cm / 31'
Under Chest: 68 cm / 26'

Overall, I'm absolutely in love with my Triangl bikini and if you're thinking about getting one, I say go for it. They're super cute and feel like they're going to last a very long time and yolo. I think I've addressed everything but if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me!


DISCLAIMER: Triangl did not send me this bikini for a positive review hyping their company, this is not a sponsored post in any way. They sent me the bikini because they liked my blog and instagram page and they said they wanted to send me one and with no strings attached. I have completely decided to make this post on my own and they didn't ask for a promotion of any sort.

1 comment

  1. great review, loved how you put your measurements so we could get a better idea of what size to get!
    I was wondering how well the bikini keeps its color - does it stay white or does it get yellow over time and usage?
    thanks xx