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6/01/2014 Shopping & French Bistros

The weather has been so nice lately! Yesterday, I went shopping downtown with my friend Katya and it was really fun! First we went to a couple of thrift stores where I couldn't really find anything but Katya got a pair of pants that she's going to cut into shorts. After, we went downtown to go to the mall but we got distracted by the pretty flowers! 

... So then we took pictures in front of them

After that, we went to Starbucks (thank god) and I got a drink before we headed to the mall.

We walked to the mall and went around to different stores and did what people do at the mall. We went to H&M where I got a simple white dress (or really long tank top, but whatever I'm wearing it as a dress), here's a selfie I took in the changing room.

And we also went to Hollister AND THE CASHIER WAS SO BEAUTIFUL OMG. I swear to god I have never in my life seen such a beautiful human being. Oh my god Katya and I were literally dying. We went in line and there were two cashiers - the most beautiful person I have ever seen and some other girl. We had to go to the other girl I was so upset, angry and sad at the same time. I wanted to cry. But it's okay because we went back to exchange the colour of my shorts and we got him. He was so beautiful and nice and cute and I can't. I was in heaven. And then he finished the exchange and I think walking away from him was the hardest thing I've ever done. :(

Anyways, after that we went to MAC because I've wanted to buy my own MAC lipstick since forever! I have a bunch of Lancome and Estee Lauder ones but the only MAC one I had was given to me by my mom because it was hers but she didn't want it anymore, so technically it isn't mine. I got the Hug Me lipstick and I love it! Shit got me feelin like Kylie Jenner (I love her. And her lips).

We then went into Forever 21 where I got a dress (it's really pretty) and a top. After we got out of the mall and started walking around. The weather was so nice and the sun was out so it was just really nice to get to spend the day out and shopping. We went into Brandy Melville and I got a top, and then we left to go find something to eat since we were both starving. 

On our way, we passed by a bunch of jewelry booths outside that had such pretty jewelry but they were too overpriced for me (broke bitches unite). Katya tried on this super pretty necklace that had a pendant that was sooo gorgeous. 

Katya was also wearing the Ethereal necklace from Grey Jewelry which you guys can win if you enter my giveaway! Today's the last day so you better hurry!!

We originally planned to go to Café Pamenar because it has a really cute back patio, but I really wanted a sandwich and they were out, so we ended up going to a cute little french bistro across the street, I think it's called Le Kensington Bistro or something like that. It was such a cute little restaurant! I got a chicken sandwich served with fries and it was HEAVENLY. It tasted like heaven in my mouth and the sandwich was literally the size of my head. It was amazing. They also served water in wine bottles, which I thought was so cool because I've never been anywhere that does that before! I definitely recommend going here if you haven't before, the food was amazing and they had a cute front patio as well, but we couldn't sit outside because it was full. 

Katya being a loser and taking pictures of her cupcake from Urban Herbivore

And then we went home! The end. Or as the French say, fin. I think.


P.S. Today's the last day to enter my giveaway with Grey Jewelry! Make sure to enter if you haven't already! :) 

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