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5/11/2014 Morning Jogs, Sketchy Street Markets and Aroma Dates

Yesterday I woke up around 9am (which is incredibly early for me) and decided to go on a jog! I haven't gone jogging in so long so it was nice to finally get some exercise. I went jogging with my friend Gabby and we jogged/walked for about an hour and a half, and I was literally dying. My legs felt like they were going to fall off and I was exhausted, but when we were done I felt amazing afterwards, so it was worth it! I even got a tan from the jog, which is kind of insane because we weren't even in the sun for that much. 

Later in the afternoon, I met up again with Katya and Gabby and we went downtown. We walked around downtown for a bit and went into an underground thrift store that made me super uncomfortable and then we left after like 3 minutes. The cashier was wearing a see-through, mesh leopard print shirt. He was a guy.

After that we just walked around and went into a couple of other stores like Brandy Melville, and we looked at a couple of ring booths that were set up on the side of the street. Here's a mirror selfie we took in Brandy Melville. I'm pretty sure we got a bunch of weird looks but who gives a fuck. 

Our outfits are hella cute. 

After that we headed to this street market. On our way there, we stopped by this place that sold a bunch of sunglasses that were super cheap. I only got on pair at first, but afterwards we returned on our way back and I got another pair and so did Gabby. They were originally $5, but I used my fabulous bargaining skills and got all of ours for $2.50 each. I shit you not. HOW CHEAP? And they're super cute.

When we got to the street market, we basically went into all of the shops. So many of them smelled so weird and had really exotic stuff, but overall it was really fun! One of them smelled so strongly of incense it was nauseating. Another one had a bunch of printed out photos from their security cameras of customers that stole something from the store, and in each photo they circled the thief in red marker and wrote 'THIEF'. Is it just me or is that so creepy? Like I don't think that's normal at all. I also found a skirt that would literally fit two of me. 

We kept walking around and we went into this shop and when we walked in, I swear to god it was like walking into a wall of weed and cologne in attempt to cover up the smell. As soon as we walked in, the owner of the shop greeted us and he was higher than a kite. He was so nice though hahah but really weird. He started asking us where we're from and he was just really chill about everything, but still really weird. Later we went to a flower shop and they had the prettiest flowers! I got a bunch of photos of the flowers. I wish I had gotten more photos of everything else though!

We then walked around to try to find a nice place to eat/get a chiller. We didn't plan to go that far, but we ended walking for probably over 45 minutes, trying to find a cute little cafe with a patio. We didn't find too many, so we basically just ended up going to Aroma Expresso Bar. I got a sandwich that was crafted by the hands of Jesus. It was heavenly.

After we all got on the bus. Gabby went home, and Katya and I stopped by Yogurty's to get some froyo!

Wearing: Brandy Melville top, Abercrombie & Fitch flannel, Citizens of Humanity jeans, Aldo shoes, Louis Vuitton bag, Sunglasses from somewhere I went on vacation last summer 


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  1. I hope it's not weird that I went through your blog, I rarely ever do that. I gotta admit though, I love blogs like these and you should definitely do more of them!! I also see that you're situated in Toronto! I've become a fan of yours and would love to meet you or run into you some day :D